Yukon Gear Duragrip

BCB is proud to be an authorized Yukon Gear and Axle distributor. What does that mean? We have a solution for all those “1-tire-fire” or “one-wheel-wonder” trucks! Installing a Druagrip posi in the rear axle will improve traction under acceleration by applying power to both wheels. We are also carrying Yukon's ring and pinion…
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Many owners of the new F150s were recently surprised with a recent IIHS report on the trucks headlight system. While it’s not exactly news to us owners, it does confirm something we have all known for months, these factory headlights just don’t work well! One of our main objectives while at SEMA 2016  was to…
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aFe Intake and Exhaust on an EcoBoost F150

Choosing the right intake and exhaust can be tough to do without hearing the systems in person. Want to hear what aFe intake and exhaust systems sound like, check it out!


BPC problems…….

[mp_row bg_media_type="video"] [mp_span col="12" mp_style_classes="motopress-padding-15 motopress-color-dark motopress-border motopress-bg-color-silver"]   Feeling slow?  Lack of boost?  Unhealthy throttle response?  Ya, I was too, until I swapped out my BPC!  Side effects include speeding tickets and embarrassing others. I recently ran into a P1662 code in my personal Viggen.  The 9-3 Viggen is a T7 car, so this…
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