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BCB offers the option of e85 tuning for Saabs equipped with an upgraded fuel pump and 60# injectors.

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Brew City Boost is proud to present the
ultimate ECU Upgrade for your Saab.

Through years of tuning refinement and testing we have come up with the most potent ECU Upgrades on the market. Our extensive research and development provides you with a powerful ECU Upgrade with no loss of drivability or reliability. Expect huge increases in low-end torque, improved throttle response and a smoother, more powerful top end. Our Brew City Boost Genuine ECU Upgrade is an expertly refined engine control remapping that optimizes boost pressure, timing and air fuel ratios that unlock potent and reliable power.

The Handheld Tuner is great because it allows you to tune at your convenience. This is especially useful for our T8 customers because there is no need for you to send us your ECU for tuning. Programming is a breeze with the full color LCD touch screen. In addition you get a second tune included for free with the handheld tuner. Please indicate what tunes you would like in the order notes. The free tune must be of same stage or lower than the purchased tune, for example stage 3 is the purchased tune so you can pick stage 2 for a free tune.

On the fence about getting the ECU Upgrade? Check out what people our customers think about them on our testimonials page.We STRONGLY RECOMMEND running a fresh set of plugs on every tuned Saab.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND running a fresh set of plugs on every tuned Saab. We advise our tuned customers to run the NGK plugs gaped to 0.9mm-1.0mm. They are a heat range colder than stock, compatible with the on-board knock detection system, and much cheaper than iridium plugs, they can be ordered here.







Trionic 8 (T8) ECU Upgrade Guidelines for 9-3 2.0t Linear B207L

Stage 1: 240ftlbs and 215hp 

  • +40 ftlbs Torque
  • +35 Horsepower
  • Hardware Requirements: There are no hardware requirements for this Stage 1 ECU Upgrade.

Stage 2: 250ftlbs and 225hp

  • +50 ftlbs Torque
  • +45 Horsepower
  • Hardware Requirements: An intake modification is required for this Stage 2 ECU Upgrade. A qualifying modification could be an open intake or even a drop in free flow filter.

Stage 3: 275ftlbs and 245hp

  • +70 ftlbs Torque
  • +65 Horsepower
  • Hardware Requirements: A 3″ downpipe and an intake modification are minimum requirements for this Stage 3 ECU upgrade. An upgraded intercooler and full 3″ turboback exhaust are highly suggested but not required.

Trionic 8 (T8) ECU Upgrade Guidelines for 9-3 2.0T Aero/Arc B207R

Stage 1: 270ftlbs and 255hp

  • +50 ftlbs Torque
  • +45 Horsepower
  • Hardware Requirements: There are no hardware requirements for this Stage 1 ECU Upgrade.

Stage 2: 285ftlbs and 260hp

  • +65 ftlbs Torque
  • +50 Horsepower
  • Hardware Requirements: An intake modification is required for this Stage 2 ECU Upgrade. A qualifying modification could be an open intake or even a drop in free flow filter.

Stage 3: 300ftlbs and 285hp

  • +80 ftlbs Torque
  • +75 Horsepower
  • Hardware Requirements: A full 3″ downpipe, an upgraded intercooler, and an intake modification (K&N filter or CAI) are minimum requirements for this Stage 3 ECU Upgrade. A full 3″ turboback exhaust is also highly suggested instead of only the downpipe.

This tuning product is not compatible with manual boost controllers. Notify us of all modifications prior to tuning.

*Brew City Boost will not alter emissions monitoring systems (O2 sensors) via tuning

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in
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Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Custom Stage

21 reviews for ECU UPGRADE – T8 HANDHELD

  1. kurt anderson

    Stage 3 tune was well worth the money. I went with the handheld which holds 3 tunes- very easy to use and a huge power increase over stock- Staff was very helpful and answered all of my questions quickly. Thanks for the great product/service

  2. Mike Schmedt

    Woww!, very i am so happy with this tune, it feels like a new car. lots of power in the higher rpm ranges and great gas mileage. communication was fast and informative. cant wait to go for stage 3

  3. Grant McGovern

    Casey did a great job on the tune. Stage 3 makes this car an absolute monster and I couldn’t be happier. He’s definitely proven himself in the T8 tuning game and it was a pleasure working with him and his awesome customer service. Glad to represent Brew City Boost.

  4. cfdp

    Best money I ever spent on a car! Pulls like an actual sports car now, pushing you back in your seat a bit. No push on from the stock tune. Passing people is now a breeze. During normal driving, there is little to no turbo lag now, more instant, making it feel more ‘pep’, ready to go vs. having to wait for spool ‘sluggish’ on stock tune. You might need to re-learn how it drives/shifting on manual trans, but is well worth it.
    MPG (normal driving) went up and goes up much quicker than stock also.
    Keep in mind you will need to drive it around for about 20-30miles (others suggest 50) until you feel the full power, this is the break-in period. Also be sure to get the correct spark plugs from BCB.
    Highly recommended! Also great support from Casey and Kelly at BCB!

  5. Eddy Herrera

    Bought this handheld tuner with a set of spark plugs. Everything was packaged nicely. The whole procedure was straight forward, just read the Handheld Tuner page. (Side note: I tried using my laptop with Windows 8 but it was too tricky to get the drivers installed so switched to my PC with Windows 7 and everything went smoothly from there.) Emailed my stock ECU file and had my tunes withing the next couple hours, Worth the buy you get 2 tunes and then you can also flash your original stock ECU tune if you would ever be so crazy to do so. Worth every penny.

  6. Anthony Reed

    Got a stage 2 (and a stage 2 ECO as my free tune) handheld tuner along with the K&N air filter. I knew the tune would add power but i didnt expected this much! Its amazing, I should have done this a long time ago. Thanks BCB, keep doing what you guys are doing. I’ll definitely be back for stage 3 soon.

  7. Oscar

    Just got my stage 2 ecu tune on my 9-3 and way better and more power then I expected should had done it sooner very happy can’t wait to move up to stage 3 keep up the great work BCB

  8. Mr_Rain

    Cheapest on the market. Response times are usually within a day. The product itself, was cheap(Good quality), easy to use, durable, and worked for what it was designed for. It even came with a complimentary BCB keychain! 🙂 The powerband is smooth throughout all ranges of the RPM’s. Stage 2 PSI is claimed to be at around 17-18. stage one is 16, roughly. The T8 is transformed!, however that is what you get when you turn up the boost and up fuel trims into the mix. I haven’t had time to proceed with a dyno, but the numbers listed are of course an estimation. Regardless, it is WELL worth the money.
    I do have one wish, and I hope BCB will implement this in the future. Being able to datalog and monitor your A/F ratio, boost would be nice, having an all-in-one unit like Cobb would bring more business. It would be well worth an extra 100. Thanks, BCB. I will be recommending you to fellow Saab enthusiasts.

  9. Damian C

    What a difference! definitely recommend this to everyone. I live in the mountains and the low end power now goes up hills without having to step on the gas more. O and still get great gas mileage.

  10. Gabriel Begle

    Casey did a terrific job in programming my 85k miles 2003 Arc 6sp 9-3! He did Stage 1 and SAI delete. So, he got rid of the big SAI annoyance and made my car feel new and much more powerful! They also manage to offer me an ultra fast turnaround for a minimum downtime. This 9-3 is now much more of blast to drive. Thank you guys! Absolutely recommended.

  11. Kyle weaver

    They are legit. I love this tune and this company! Worth every penny. BCBis legit. I researched a number of other tunes. Went with BCB due to the dev of the Krona 3″ exhaust, but let me tell you, the product was great and the service was stellar. Casey replied to all my inquiries promptly. Tuning process was simple, shipping was fast, and the results were instantly noticeable! Wonderful buying experience with BCB.

  12. Yavor Mitev

    Incredible change! It feels like you just bought a new car! Very well spend money! Thanks!

  13. Taylor Brown

    A great tune with great customer service. Portable tuner works smoothly and is very easy to use. Unfortunately my ECU failed after a couple weeks very suddenly. Casey sent a new one for free and on the second day I was up and running again. Power on the highway is just unreal. You never have to come out of 5th gear once you’re at highway speeds. The first 0-60 run I performed with the stage 2 tune was timed at 6.3 seconds with an obd device using gps speed. Customer service is way above and beyond and I don’t regret getting the tune one bit. Just get it!

  14. Mr Zero

    Definitely a must have tune for your Saab. Not only the power and torque are impressive, but the overall drivability is seriously improved too.

    The grin on my face each time I take my car for a drive is saying it all.

    Super easy to install, great and fast customer service and a nice price. Money well spent for Saab gearheads.

  15. Tommy Leung

    Great upgrade. Casey was very helpful throughout the entire process. If you decide to do a stage 3 tune and going without a catalyst on the downpipe, I suggest you get a spacer. Do not delete the Rear O2, or you will not pass inspection.

  16. Levi

    As soon as I turned the key, I knew I was in for something really special. Power throughout the RPM range, but what I really love is just how responsive it is. I would never call the car sluggish before, but now, it just begs to be driven. Complete transformation of the car, and that is in no way an exaggeration. If you’re thinking about getting it, you will not be disappointed. Hell, if you AREN”T thinking about getting it, you really still should!!

    Great service with even greater results. Hands down the BEST money I have ever invested in a car.

  17. Mike H

    Great results from a stage 2 tune, couldn’t be happier. Best bang for your buck!

  18. HO

    Just got tuned with stage2, noticed immediately was that quicker response and boost came on so much faster and stronger. My favorite is the second gear pull, the torque is way too much for my little worn front tires. I’m going to need a new set of tires now. Best money I’ve ever spent!!! Thanks, Casey!!

  19. Dylan Knutson

    What a nice stage 3 tune. My car really drives well and has a lot more throttle response and power. I’ve been driving it for 3 months now. Its true that when I drive more responsibly I have the same or better feel economy as before.

    I was afraid I might be pushing the car hard when I went for stage 3, but I am really satisfied and the car seems to handle it really well. I also have the krona exhaust which has gone along with it great.

  20. Gerry Medley

    Man what a pleasure to drive now, If you think you can’t get a tune for your 1.8t, think again and you will see all the power that Saab is hiding. Casey did an excellent job and is quick to respond to any and all questions you might have. BCB, keep on Tuning!

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    ulrichc16 (verified owner)

    Wow, That was my first response when I took the car for a drive after installing the stage 2+ tune. Sure the car was quick for a daily before but now the car is a monster my poor tires can’t catch a break and every time I stomp it I get this grin on my face. The car is not only faster but it is more drive-able also the throttle response is greatly improved. I didn’t get a tune for my car for the mpg’s but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that I was getting around the same as stock with the stage 2 and just 1-2 mpg less with the stage 2+. I was also very happy with the staff at BCB they answered any and all of my questions within minutes. I seriously recommend you use Brew City Boost to unleash the true potential of your SAAB!

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