Why Tune Your Vehicle?

EnginePerformanceTuning your vehicle is a great way to increase your driving enjoyment!

 The addition of a Brew City Boost Tune to your vehicle will deliver the best Horsepower and Torque per dollar. We have a tuning solution for you, whether you are already invested heavily in hardware modifications and looking to go big, or even if you just want a bit more passing power. The advantages of an ECU Upgrade don’t end with Horsepower and gobs of Torque though, you’ll also get an increase in fuel economy, responsiveness, and the overall driving feel of your car will improve.

The gains realized in the tuning process are the direct result of detailed mapping and strategies of your car’s ECU. Some of the essential basic functions that are remapped for power gains include (not a conclusive listing):

Ignition Advance (Timing)
Ignition timing is adjusted to the maximum amount of advance prior to detonation. Timing works in tandem with Volumetric Efficiency as they both work together towards finding MBT.

Volumetric Efficiency (Fueling)
Fuel Mapping is carefully done and has also been verified using a Wideband Air-Fuel probe. Our target AFR is approximately 11.5:1, this means 11.5 parts air to 1 part fuel.11.5:1 ratio is a safe fuel mixture to use on most High-Output Turbocharged Engines. Depending on which ECU the tune is for and what configuration, target afr may be leaner or sometimes richer.

Turbo Boost Calibration
This table is mapped around the characteristics of the turbo’s response. It is mapped in a PWM% (pulse-width modulation) of driving the BPC (Boost Pressure Controller). The larger the percent, the harder the system is working to produce boost. If this table is improperly remapped, the result is an inconsistent boost response. You may either never make the boost you’re after, or you may find you’re over boosting and going into fuel cut. Properly recalibrating this table results in a smoother turbo response over stock without boost spikes and the turbo regulation system is properly working.

Limiter Management
There are many limiters that need to be addressed in modern ECU's. Properly managing these limiters and stacking them in an effective manner produces a reliable and consistent power output. There are limiters for every function and each needs to be address.

In addition to the amazing ECU Upgrades we offer, we also carry some of the finest quality Exhaust components from Krona Performance. Our parts list is growing fast so continue checking back often to see what’s new!