BCB and Krona Performance have worked hand in hand for the past years years developing and bringing new and exciting products to our Saab enthusiasts.  We decided to stretch our legs a bit here and offer the same for EcoBoost Fords, starting with the Mustang.

Fast-forward to the spring of 2015….Krona started work on the EcoBoost Mustang Exhausts.  Requirements would be top quality, best parts, made in the USA, free-flowing, mean sounding, no droning, great performing, and of course some of our signature accents.

We soon secured an EBM to work with and got to it.  The BAMF kit is short for, Bolt-On And Modular Function, or Bad Ass Mutha F…..  The idea is that it’s upgradeable, you can build upon it over time to suit your upgrade path and goals.  You could start with a Downpipe or Catback, and later add the other piece to make a complete Turboback kit.  Or got straight Turboback right from the start.  Catted and Cat-less are also options for this Downpipe and Turboback kit.  The Catback mufflers are custom designed and tuned to eliminate droning and give the Krona timbre.  We also added the Krona Crown laser etched on the tips and then a lasercut Krona Crown tacked to the underside of the muffler.  Think one of our customers put it best, the VIP look!  Small bits like this really show our attention to detail.  And once all those details were addressed, we took our exhaust back off and headed our to manufacturing.

The whole exhaust was fully documented and dimensioned, jigs were made for production, materials sourced and ordered, production processes put in place, and before we knew it we were headed out to see our 1st production article.

Krona Performance EcoBoost Mustang Exhaust Brew City BoostPOP3 POP5Krona Performance BAMF Muffler