SCT and BullyDog BDX devices have Cloud tuning and datalogging capabilities. The cloud mechanism is designed so that it will automatically email you a copy of uploaded datalogs. Please use this reference guide for understanding how to work with your datalogs using the Derive’s cloud.  If you have any issues with the Cloud functionality please reach out to SCT or BullyDog Tech Support directly.

1. Depending on model BDX please go to SCT or BullyDog’s website and create an account to register your product.  —

2. This account would need to have your current email address so it can send the data log file to it.

3. Once this is complete and you have a data log file on the tuner connect the tuner to your WiFi system.

4. Go into the Device Settings Menu

5. Select the option for Cloud Data Log upload, this will have a couple steps to send the data log file to the email used in setting up your account.

6. Open your email and forward this data log file to us ([email protected]) or upload directly to the BCB homepage, (at the top ‘Datalog Submission’)