Many owners of the new F150s were recently surprised with a recent IIHS report on the trucks headlight system. While it’s not exactly news to us owners, it does confirm something we have all known for months, these factory headlights just don’t work well!

One of our main objectives while at SEMA 2016  was to find the best lighting upgrades for the new F150, and the good news is that there are a few quality upgrades! BCB is now carrying both the Azno and the Spec-D replacement headlight assemblies. These replacements not only provide better light output patterns but they also look flat-out awesome on these trucks! And the LED surrounds are a great way to make any truck stand out.

Both the Anzos and the Spec-Ds feature projector lenses which will provide the more control and less light scatter compared to standard reflector style housings. Plus they are so much easier to add upgraded bulbs in since projector retrofits are not needed, which can be an expensive and time consuming DIY project.

Both brands come with the option of either black or chrome housings to match the style of your truck. The Anzo headlights come with the additional option of orange LED switchbacks (panel that surrounds the headlight assembly) which blink as your turn signal – very impressive.





One article about the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety test can be read here:

We have many other lighting upgrades coming so stay tuned!