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T7 BPC Brew City Boost P1662 Saab Feature

Feeling slow?  Lack of boost?  Unhealthy throttle response?  Ya, I was too, until I swapped out my BPC!  Side effects include speeding tickets and embarrassing others.

I recently ran into a P1662 code in my personal Viggen.  The 9-3 Viggen is a T7 car, so this applies to all T7 cars (1999-2009 9-5, 2000-2002 9-3, 2003 9-3 vert, 1999-2002 9-3 Viggen).

The T7 BPC is a simple electronically actuated solenoid, it’s purpose is to divert boost pressure from the wastegate to control boost.  There are three ports on it and they are marked R, W, and C as shown below:


These ports represent:

  • R – Return, this goes back to your intake manifold via some one way valves
  • W – Wastegate, this goes to your wastegate actuator
  • C – Compressor, this is to your compressor outlet

The “bolt mod” is a simple test that will determine if your BPC is bad. Simply remove the hose from the R port and plug the hose with a bolt. If power is restored with the bolt mod, then you can either leave the bolt mod in place or replace the line and check valves that go back to the intake.

saab bolt mod




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  1. Chris budde July 8, 2016 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    I bought the stage3 handheld ,right now I’m running 19.8 lbs of boost ,0-60 in 5.7 this thing is a beast!SoFor the white turbo s2000 in glen Burnie md and the new mustang sorry about your luck,only if I had the money for the the big inter cooler and the t19 billet compressor wheel IWould put Saab on the sleeper 4 banger list,though my 9-3 areo is no slouch

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