Introduction to Ecoboost Tuning


Right off of the lot todays turbocharged trucks and cars are pretty fun to drive. With the simple addition of a Brew City Boost Tune your vehicle will lay down significantly more horsepower and torque, transforming your driving experience to non-stop fun. 


New to tuning? No problem! BCB has helped thousands of drivers, both novice and advanced, get the most out their ride. The advantages of professional tuning doesn’t end with horsepower and gobs of torque though, you’ll also get an increase in responsiveness. The overall driving feel of your truck or car will improve as well. We offer a variety of options to get you started down the road, faster. Now let’s get you going…


Why Brew City Boost?

We all own and drive Ecoboost vehicles at BCB, so we understand what kind of investment they are. We pride ourselves on safe, reliable, smooth and powerful tunes for our own vehicles as well as for yours!

We’ve tuned nearly every type of Ecoboost vehicle Ford has made including bone stock vehicles, vehicles with minor bolt-ons, and heavily modified vehicles. This level of experience is not something you will find at a local dyno tuner that works on anything. Ecoboost engine / transmission management systems are extremely complex, and we’ve tuned thousands of them.

We not only tune Ecboosts, but we also build engines, install parts, dyno tune, repair and customize them at our full-service facility in Wisconsin.





Choosing The Right Tuning Device

First things first. Selecting a device to transfer tune files, datalogging, and monitoring. Brew City Boost offers an array of devices from a couple of different brands. Before choosing a device you should ask the question, what do I want to use my device for? Some devices are better than others, while others are light-years away from the competition.


COBB Accessport

The Cobb AP is the best device choice for EB’s like the Mustang, Focus ST/RS, and Fiesta. Gen2 Raptor support is also available.

Ez Lynk AutoAgent

The Ez Lynk AutoAgent offers tuning on a different scale. This device works directly off of your smartphone or tablet. EZ Lynk is an emerging platform for EcoBoost vehicles, it has a really cool user interface and is very simple to use. 

SCT / Bullydog (Derive Systems)

X4- The SCT X4 has been around for many years and is quite user friendly. Here is a link to a video on how it is used. BCB How To X4

BDX-The BDX is a great device for cloud and wifi technology. BCB How To BDX



Choosing the Right Tune For You

Brew City Boost offers a comprehensive array of tunes for just about every kind of driver’s needs. Choosing the right tune that fits you the best is a great way to have an amazing tuning experience.

Tuning Benefits

  • Increased horsepower, torque, and throttle response. Improved transmission shifting. All of which makes the vehicle much more enjoyable to drive.
  • Optimize the efficiency of your engine, transmission, and aftermarket parts.
  • Power delivery is smooth, and predictable so the vehicle can be daily driven

Types of Tunes 

  • Highlander – Adaptive all-around performance tune for everyday use. Engine responsiveness and power is increased, transmission shift points and pressure are optimized for performance, while retaining everyday drivability.
  • MacGyver – Adaptive towing tune – Engine power is increased while providing a margin for a wide range of potential towing loads. Transmission shift points, shift pressure and torque converter slip are optimized for towing.

Custom Daily Performance

  • Designed for daily drivers that want the peak performance on pump gas
  • Run 91 or 93 octane fuel for best results
  • Ethanol tuning available for a healthy increase in power over 91 / 93 octane
  • Includes 3 datalog reviews and 3 revisions


After You Purchase

A few things happen behind the scenes after making your tune or device purchase.

  • After your purchase our staff will then process your order in the order it was received. If you are purchasing hard parts (not tune files) you will receive an automated email with tracking info once all of your parts ship. 
  • If you purchased a device with your tune, we will prepare your shipment. Also at that time your vehicle information is placed into our calibrator’s queue in the order it was received.
  • If you purchased a standalone tune file your information will be placed into our calibrators queue. Stand alone tune files usually take between 3 and 5 days depending if all information has been received. ECM, Stock file, Serial….etc  
  • If any information is absent, missing, or unclear we will proactively reach out to you for it.
  • Once you receive your tuning device we will need some additional information. The following information must be sent to [email protected].

Please do not send this info to other email addresses as it may not get to our calibrator. 

  • If you own an nGauge we will need your stock file read nGauge Reading Stock File
  • If you purchased an SCT product we will need your ECU or ECM strategy number and device serial number
  • If you purchased the EZ Lynk with the app running you will need to tap on the “ ? “ and lynk [email protected] as your technician. You will receive a notification on your preferred device when your tunes have arrived.
  •  If you purchased the Cobb send your VIN and the serial number of your Cobb device, (ex. FORXXXXXXX). 
  •  Once your customer file is complete the calibrator can then write your tune files.

 Once your tune file(s) have been completed you will receive an email with instructions on how to load the tune file into the device and onto your vehicle.   


Retrieving Your Tunes

Once your tune(s) have been completed you will receive instructions on how to retrieve your tunes and how to load them. Your tunes will be written in this format. Example JR27_BCB93_SX1.cef


The SCT/BDX devices all work in the same way. You will either receive a notification that your tunes are on the cloud(BDX), or they will be attached in an email in a .cef format along with a .cf4 configuration file.

For tunes sent through the email you will need to have SCT’s Device Updater and Livelink Gen2 Device Updater and LiveLink Gen-II Here is a video on how to transfer the files on to the device using Livelink and Device Updater BCB How To X4

For cloud tunes here is a video on how to retrieve your tunes BCB How To BDX





nGauge Datalog Instructions

nGauge Quick Start Guide

nGauge Reading Stock FIle

nGauge Updating Firmware



Ez Lynk AutoAgent

When your tune file(s) have been completed for the Ez Lynk you will receive a notification on your preferred device that you have received tunes.



COBB Accesport

When your tune(s) have been finalized for your COBB AP you can then transfer them from the email to the AP manager. CONTENT COMING SOON






Before you Tune

  • Spark plugs, colder range (for specific engines), plug gap is crucial to achieving optimal performance. We do offer pre-gapped spark plugs for most Ecoboost engines on our website. Spark plugs should be changed approximately every 20k miles on a tuned Ecoboost engine, mileage may vary based on driving habits / towing. 
  • Determine what type(s) of fuel you will be running, and if you will be towing or hauling
  • Write down VIN
  • If you are already using an nGauge we will need a copy of the stock tune.
  • If you are already using a SCT / Bullydog device we will need both the ECM Strategy Code and the serial number of the device.

The Custom Tuning Process

  • When we receive your information, your order will be added to our calibrators queue. Once your file(s) are complete we will send them to you.
  • Load up your custom tune and set your device up for datalogging. 
  • Get a few miles (5-10) on the custom tune and begin datalogging. Once datalogging is complete upload your datalogs to our website Datalog Submission Form. This will get your datalog in the queue for analysis and revision (if necessary). If we are creating a revision for you we will email you once it is complete. 
  • Dont worry we will send you an email with instructions!


With the Ez Lynk the datalogging is the easiest. If you run into a problem with the tune, you may datalog the Adaptive tunes. With the app open you will then Click the menu button, navigate to “Datalogs” then click record. When finished just click send. It will send it directly to Brew City Boost’s calibrator.


Brew City Boost will provide you with the necessary PIDs to datalog on the COBB AP. Once those have been selected you will need to change the monitor configuration to only monitor 1 PID. Most choose boost. Once that has been done you may then proceed with the datalog. Press record then do your run. Once you are finished you will use the computer and the AP manager to pull that datalog off of the device and send it to Brew City Boost.

All datalogs need to be sent through the Datalog Submission Page. Please understand that BCB does not own or have access to Derive Cloud Accounts, you will need to get with SCT / Bullydog Technical Support for any cloud problems). If for any reason your datalog is too big to upload to the website (+7MB) please submit via email to [email protected]. Please label your datalog as follows First and Last name initials_what tune you are currently running(SX1,EX1,TX1…etc)_Log number (LOG1, LOG2…etc). Example JR_EX4_LOG3. Please somewhere in the email list the name you provided at the time of purchase. Searching for the right name is very time consuming and could delay your revision.




When datalogging it is imperative that you use Brew City Boost’s configuration file (SCT/BDX), or the provided PID’s for the HPT/nGauge, and COBB AP. This ensures we get the type of data we need to analyze your vehicle’s performance. If you do not configure your device prior to datalogging the datalog will be useless to us, and you will be asked to repeat the process using the correct configuration. 

SCT/ Bully Dog BDX

If you are datalogging on the cloud you will need to make your own configuration file. BCB Creating Datalog Configuration File BDX

Before you datalog for the first time you must select which datalog configuration file to use. Datalog Configuration File Selection

HPT (nGauge)

For the nGauge you will be provided a list of PIDs Brew City Boost needs to monitor. To see that list nGauge Datalog Instructions

Ez Lynk AutoAgent




Custom Tune Revisions

Custom tune revisions are handled on a first come first served basis. Once you upload your datalog to our website your datalog analysis session is automatically entered into our calibrator’s work list.

Revisions for Newly Installed Aftermarket Parts

We appreciate it when you purchase aftermarket parts through our website! Aftermarket parts that are purchased directly through Brew City Boost qualify for custom tune revisions at no charge.

Custom tune revisions for aftermarket parts not purchased through Brew City Boost are available for purchase on our website.

Common Tuning Misnomers

  • MPG Improvements – some users do get improved MPGs, but this varies by driving style and modifications to vehicle. Economy tunes do not exist, beware if someone tries to sell you on one!
  • Aftermarket ignition coils are typically not worthwhile, in most cases they perform worse than old worn-out OEM ignition coils. When in doubt only replace with new Genuine OEM Ford ignition coils.
  • Colder Thermostats are not needed, nor do they provide any benefit. Don’t waste your money!
  • Warranty status for modified vehicles is dealer dependent. If you are in doubt talk to dealerships to determine their individual stances on the topic.



  1. Brew City Boost, LLC does not sell anything to residents of California
  2. Read, understand, and agree to terms and conditions before ordering
  3. Our tuning will never bypass, alter, or defeat any factory emissions controls systems or diagnostic systems under any circumstance