BCB’s performance recirculating bypass valve kit utilizing a Turbosmart blow off valve, Vibrant silicone hoses, and stainless steel hose clamps.

The Turbosmart Blow off Valve: Turbosmart is one of the biggest names in the industry. We’ve used their products for years and they are simply fantastic. 

Vibrant Silicone Hoses: Another trusted industry name, Vibrant makes some of the best silicone hoses around. Your choice of Black, Blue, or Red hose. These kits come with two 3″ sections and can be trimmed to length. 

Upgrading your bypass valve is highly recommended when adding more power.It also makes for an easy upgrade even for stock motors when your stock Bosch bypass valve is failing.

This fast response valve will hold boost better and longer than stock.

Keep in mind that with T7 applications you must use a recirculating valve like this one. T5 applications can choose to recirculate or not.

We package the kit with two sections of silicon hose (choose your color), and 4 stainless silicone hose clamps.

The valve can be mounted in either direction, stock for quiet operation, or reversed.


*guide shows a discontinued valve, installation is the same though.