Do88 Coolant Hose Kit for 1994-2000 SAAB 900/9-3

Kit Includes:

  • Upper radiator hose
    Reference: 4876207, 4964789, 4357976, 4360798
  • Lower radiator hose
    Reference: 4729513, 4963872, 4283370, 4360806, 4876215
  • Expansion tank hose
    Reference: 4357984, 4961363
  • Radiator bleed hose
    Reference: 4357968, 4876603
  • Heater hose
    Reference: 4876223, 4961074
  • Throttle body preheating hose
    Reference: 9149071
  • Throttle body preheating hose
    Reference: 9138587
  • Bypass coolant hose
    Reference: 9178849, 55558952


A hose kit developed by do88 to replace OEM radiator/cooling system hoses!

These hoses are entirely manufactured in high quality silicone for best finish and durability. With three to five layers of armory, depending of the inner diameter, the hoses withstand high pressure rates and high temperatures for a long time. The original hoses are manufactured in rubber that often cracks from age. This is the durable solution for you that in addition improves the looks!

There is no difference in performance between the colors.


SAAB 900
Model years: 1994-1998
Engine: Gas Turbo (4-cylinder)

SAAB 9-3
Model years: 1998-1999
Engine: Gas Turbo (4-cylinder)
Miscellaneous: Not 9-3 Viggen


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