Looking for a quality cold air intake system to get you to a stage 2 tune? Achieve a faster, more responsive engine with this turbo intake. Kit includes the filter, heat shield, silicone hose, rubber seals and installation hardware. The custom made silicone hose has integrated stainless steel collar (3.5″) for a clean/easy air filter installation. This hose is designed to fit together with the do88 89mm (3 1/2 inch) performance inlet pipe.

The heat shield is designed to create a screen between the air filter and the warm air in the engine compartment. This is done by a custom designed heat shield plate that comes with rubber seals that makes it protect your air filter from hot air better than other intake systems. The filter is located in a position where it’s fed with cold air from the intake pipe from the front grille. If you want to improve the cold air flow to the filter you can replace the original air guide with a do88 air ducting hose that you can use to lead air from any preferred location in the front of the car.

do88 turbo inlet pipe has an air flow at 0.125bar/1.81psi pressure drop of 664CFM, compared to the OEM pipe and air box that has 560CFM. This is verified in do88’s SuperFlow SF-1020 flow bench.

Fits: SAAB 9-3
Year models: 2003-2011
Engine: V6 2.8T  Aero / Turbo X (B284)

do88 performance turbo air intake system comes as a complete package with all parts necessary for installation:

1. Heat shield
2. Silicone hose
3. Rubber seals
4. Hose clamp
5. Air filter AEM Dryflow

Click here for installation guide:


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