Roadmaster Active Suspension kits are designed to strengthen the rear leaf springs. This kit will significantly improve stability, performance and handling while reducing bounce and rear squat when loaded.

One of Kelly’s (co-owner of Brew City Boost) favorite suspension products for the F150. Here’s what he had to say about them.

“I really like the road master active suspension. I put a set in my truck about 3 years ago to improve traction at launches, which they did! To my surprise they had quite a few other benefits. Driveline slack (that I never realized was there) was eliminated during hard launches. Sway around corners was minimized. Probably the other biggest ancillary benefit was the greatly reduced sag when the bed was loaded or when I was trailering. They are also adjustable so you can dial them in how you want them. Installation is quick.” 

Standard Duty Kit: Best for unloaded performance applications OR where truck experiences squat of up to 2-3 inches with typical load.   

Heavy Duty Kit: Best for truck that typically experiences squat of +2-3 inches when loaded and/or trailer applies tongue weight of 600lbs or more. Features RAS spring with 50% greater tension strength than standard duty kit and is recommended for applications where typical loading situations bring tongue weight or payload close to factory limitations.