“The Knock Off” high performance stainless recirculating bypass valve kit.

Utilizing a simple and proven single piston design, this dump valve is rebuild-able and also adjustable using the provided 3-spring tuning kit.

Upgrading your bypass valve is highly recommended when adding more power.It also makes for an easy upgrade even for stock motors when your stock Bosch bypass valve is failing.

This fast response dump valve will hold boost better and longer than stock and also make a noticeable sound improvement.

Keep in mind that with T7 applications you must use a recirculating valve like this one. T5 applications can choose to recirculate or not.

We package the kit with two sections of silicon hose (choose your color), and 4 stainless silicone hose clamps.

The valve can be mounted in either direction, stock for quiet operation, or reversed for a more audible operation.

Any of the 3 different springs can be used, each has a different spring rate. Most people prefer the red (lightest) spring. Spring weights: red = lightest yellow = middle blue = heaviest

1 year replacement warranty.