Many of these 2015+ F-150s did not come with a boost gauge from the factory, and P3 has come up with a streamlined solution!

P3 Digital gauges allow you neatly tuck a sleek multipurpose gauge into the vent of your F150. Blue and white LED lighting match the factory gauge cluster perfectly, creating a stealthy look. Mounting in the top of the vent allows for easy visibility while still retaining the functionality of the vent. Wiring can all be routed behind the dash for a classy installation.

There are two types of the P3 gauge for the F-150, the Boost Gauge and the Multi-Gauge. The Boost Gauge is mainly that, a hard-lined boost gauge with an actual boost measurement. The Multi-Gauge gets its boost measurement data from the OBD2 port so no installation of hard-lines is necessary. Plus since its connected to the OBD2 port it can also display other vehicle data.

Boost Gauge

  • Boost / Vacuum with integrated 45 PSI sensor
  • Battery Voltage readings with quick-look and sleep-check
  • Optional Auto-Dim or Manual Dimmer
  • Includes Digital Display, AuxBox w/Sensor, Vac Tubing, Wiring, Wire-taps, Zip-Ties


  • Plug and Play install – just plug into your obd2 port and install into dash!
  • Boost / Vacuum
  • Exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs)
  • Intake Air Temp
  • Throttle Angle
  • Ignition Timing
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Uncorrected Vehicle Speed (factory speedo is typically a few percent higher than actual speed)
  • RPM (with programmable shift light function)
  • Battery Voltage
  • 0-60 mph timer
  • Reads and Clears powertrain codes
  • 2 auxiliary inputs – the brown or blue wire on the harness can be connected to any 0-5v linear output sensor so you can monitor any other system you wish (wideband o2, oil temp, oil pressure, air pressure, meth/nitrous flow, differential temp, etc.)
  • auto-dimming display – the green wire on the gauge’s harness can be connected to any 12v interior illumination circuit that ONLY gets power when the headlamps are on. After you enable auto-dimming the display will then dim automatically with the headlamps.
  • Add-on Analog Boost Sensor for reading boost directly from the intake manifold. This sensor plugs into a dedicated plug on the gauge’s harness. You then run a tube from the sensor to your intake manifold/charge pipe.
  • Includes Digital Display, Custom OBD Wire Harness, Control Box.

Optional Track Pack software upgrade (for the Multi-Gauge only). This is a chip that plugs into the Multi-Gauge that enables additional performance stats:

  • Air/Fuel ratio
  • 0-100 mph timer
  • 60-130 mph timer
  • 60-0 mph (braking) timer
  • 100-0 mph (braking) timer

Pre-installed in OEM vent (for Boost Gauge or Multi-Gauge)

The unit comes pre-installed in an OEM vent so you don’t have to take apart your vent in your truck, you just swap your vent for this one. Select if you have black or silver vent slats.

There are 2 variants of the gauge, so select if you want the Boost Gauge (with actual boost measurement) or Multi Gauge (OBD2 data). Either gauge can be ordered alone, or pre-installed in a vent with black slats or with silver slats.