The Koni Yellow shocks/struts and Vogtland lowering spring combo has proven itself time and time again.

This kit will provide a 1.25″ drop. This not only looks great but also lowers the center of gravity of the car, helping it corner better. The combination results in a ride that feels firmer, better planted, and more responsive.

The rebound on Koni shock absorbers are adjustable so you can really dial in the ride. You can switch back and forth, in most cases in a matter of seconds, from a comfortable “touring” setting to a more firm setting for a sporty drive. By means of a knob damping forces can be altered to driving conditions or personal preferences. Turning the knob clockwise makes the rebound softer, counter clockwise for firmness.

Kit contains front and rear Koni shocks, and front and rear Vogtland springs.