Running an ethanol tune can produce some really good results. Knowing the actual ethanol percentage can be useful for those serous about performance. This handy and inexpensive tester makes testing E85 content easy.

E85 fuel can vary in the amount of ethanol and gasoline mixture, Holley’s E85 Checker is an essential tool that can instantly determine the ratio in the E85 fuel you’re using. Holley’s E85 Checker fits in your pocket or tool box, and is easy to use. Simply add water to the first line on the E-Checker and then pour in the E85 sample to the second line. Once the water is absorbed, the Holley E85 Checker will indicate the amount of ethanol in the fuel. With the added benefits of 105 octane, cooler engine temperatures and improved emissions, Holley’s E85 Checker can make a winning combination with any of Holley’s E85 calibrated carburetors and fuel-pumps for your vehicle.

1. Add water up to the first line on fuel tester.
2. Carefully pour in E85 fuel up to the second line.
3. Replace cap and gently shake or flip tester to mix.
4. Allow the tester to settle by placing it on a flat stable surface or continue to steadily hold in your
5. You will see a separation in the fuel mixture and will then be able to read the percentage of
ethanol in your E85 fuel sample.


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