What’s Included?

  • Brackets
  • Air springs
  • Hardware
  • Air line and separate valves for manual inflation, the same as you would use for inflating a tire




With the Firestone Ride-Rite Kit, you can balance your ride for the journey ahead. Ride-Rite air springs for 2WD/4WD Ford F150s help boost your pickup truck’s stability, ride quality, brake effectiveness, and safe load-carrying capacity.

How do they do it? F150 Ride-Rite air springs, or air springs, sit between your pickup truck’s suspension and frame. They utilize a set of convoluted air springs that can be individually tweaked to accommodate unbalanced loads. Inflate or deflate your F150’s air springs and see how they help enhance your ride by absorbing road shock and decreasing interleaf friction. You’ll feel like your pickup truck is riding on a cloud of air…because it practically is! In addition to ride comfort, Ride-Rite F150 air helper springs offer increased road safety. They help stabilize the vehicle to reduce tire wear, support responsive handling, and level headlight beams.


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Additional information

Weight 39.9 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12.6 × 11.5 in


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