Brew City Boost is proud to present the ultimate custom tuning for your EcoBoost F150 or Gen2 Raptor. By re-calibrating your vehicle’s computer for Maximum Horsepower & Torque, Increased Throttle Response, and Firmer Shifts.

The EZ LYNK Auto Agent 2 offers the best user interface of any of the Ecoboost tuning devices on the market. Unlike other tuning devices that have small display screen with limited adjustments, the Auto Agent 2 allows you to display a completely user configurable user interface screen on any phone or tablet via an app. Plus with the app running via wifi you don’t have to worry about running communication wires, which makes custom installs sleeker and simpler. EZ LYNK is in a class of its own with modern look of the user interface app, all other devices’ interfaces look prehistoric in comparison. 



  • Strong and secure WiFi connection
  • Rugged internals for overall smooth performance
  • Intuitive app-based software
  • Cloud-based tune functionality
  • Uses your personal device to load and switch between tunes
  • Works with Apple (iOS) and Android
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Simple vehicle diagnostics


Real-Time Data-Logging at the Press of a Button

 The EZ LYNK Auto Agent 2.0 acts as an advanced cloud server for your tunes. Real-time data-logging, troubleshooting, and diagnostic transmission is achieved with the press of a button, allowing you to identify and clear DTCs, monitor a massive selection of gauges, and send and receive troubleshooting information directly between you and your tuning provider. Simply tap the red button in the top right corner of the app’s interface whenever something doesn’t feel right, and the Auto Agent 2.0 will record diagnostics in real time to help you identify the issue. The Auto Agent 2.0 app also features an instant messaging chat function that allows you to connect to your tuning provider directly to help with adjustments specific to your exact needs and preferences. EZ LYNK uses Android and IOS interfaces, so you can use a phone or tablet for monitoring. You can configure your chosen display with any one of the pre-loaded interfaces as well as specific gauges to help you better stay on top of what’s going on under your hood.

How does it work?

 First, what’s in the box? In the box you will receive an Auto Agent 2.0 module with an OBDII cable, phone mount and installation instructions. The Auto Agent 2.0 acts as a WiFi router, allowing you to connect your phone, tablet or monitor wirelessly via the Auto Agent 2.0’s WiFi signal. The Auto Agent 2.0 downloads your chosen tunes through its own WiFi signal. You’ll use your iOS or Android phone or tablet, to switch between tunes, monitor different diagnostics, clear DTCs and record and transmit data-logs. For single tune profiles, simply plug in the Auto Agent 2.0 to the OBDII port, load up the tunes using your connected device/monitor, and unplug the Auto Agent 2.0. The Auto Agent 2.0 does not lock to your truck, which means it can be used on multiple vehicles.





Tuning Options

About BCB’s Adaptive Tunes: BCB has developed some very versatile tuning for the F150 and Gen2 Raptors. Through algorithms the truck will sense what octane fuel its running and automatically adjust tuning to accordingly. The result is one less thing you need to think about! This is great for road trips where you can never be sure what fuel grades will be available, also nice if different people might be filling up the tank, and just easier in general if you run different grades of fuel.

  • Highlander – (our adaptive version of our Daily Performance tune) An all-around performance tune designed for everyday use. Engine responsiveness and power is increased, and transmission shift points and pressure are optimized for performance while retaining everyday drivability.
  • MacGyver – (our adaptive version of our Tow tune) – Specifically designed for towing. Engine power is increased while leaving margin for a wide range of potential towing loads. Transmission shift points, shift pressure and torque converter slip are optimized for towing.


About Spark Plugs: Spark plug gap on tuned EcoBoosts should be set at 0.028″.


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This tuning product is not compatible with other plug in tuning devices like BoostMAX, PedalMAX, Scorcher Module, or similar.  Likewise, manual boost controllers are not compatible. Notify us of any and all modifications prior to tuning.


*This product is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles

*Brew City Boost will not alter emissions monitoring systems (O2 sensors) via tuning