ECU failure is unfortunately becoming more and more common on the T8 ECUs found in 2003-2006 Saab 9-3. The 2003 9-3 is the most notorious of all the years for ECU failures. Some typical symptoms include a a 9-3 that runs fine but intermittently stalls, P0601 / P060X error codes, other random error codes, and reliability issues after seasonal temperature changes.

The good news is that Brew City Boost offers a recovery service as a courtesy to the Saab community. People have been quoted anywhere from $800 to $3,000 ($2,000 is the average) for a replacement ECU from Saab dealers, so this service can save you quite a bit of money and keep your Saab on the road! Plus the replacement ECU will come married, so no need to search for a shop to marry your replacement ECU.

With these failing ECUs its necessary for us to port data from the failing ECU onto another ECU to remedy the issue, so you will need to mail us your ECU for this process. In some cases additional programming is necessary if the data from the failing ECU is corrupted. Keep in mind that we use used core ECUs (using new ECUs would be cost prohibitive) for this service, so there are rare occasions when the replacement ECU that we program has issues. When this happens we send out a replacement as soon as possible (if a BCB supplied replacement ECU was ordered). Overall we have about an 85% success rate recovering these ECUs on the very first attempt.

When we program the replacement ECU we can also apply a performance tune or a stock tune. In most cases an ECU recovery order can be fulfilled within 2 business days of receiving the original ECU.

There is a 30 day replacement warranty on the recovery service on BCB supplied replacement ECUs. There is no warranty on customer supplied replacement ECUs.

Spark plug gap on tuned Saabs should be set at 0.9mm on all Saabs with a performance tune. We recommend running set of colder heat range plugs on any performance application, they can be ordered here.





Typical processing times for mailed in ECU tuning is 3-4 business days. Call for availability of core ECUs. 

*Brew City Boost will not alter emissions monitoring systems (O2 sensors) via tuning