• Increased throttle response and power delivery
  • Adjust tire size for speedometer correction
  • Remove pesky top speed limiter
  • Smoother shifting
  • Enhanced Sport and Tow modes
  • Designed and rigorously tested by actual F150 owners – for F150 owners!






Get the most from your tune(s) by keeping your air temps under control with an upgraded intercooler. This is the most important upgrade after tuning (not a cold air intake or catback exhaust).

VEHICLE INFORMATION - Can be provided after the order if you do not have it at hand now



Brew City Boost tunes for those that already own an SCT or Bullydog device such BDX, X4, or Livewire.

BCB is proud to offer industry leading tuning for Ecoboost F150s / Raptors. Through years of refinement, we’ve developed a comprehensive array of tunes for just about every kind of driver’s needs. Owning these trucks ourselves we understand what an investment they are. Our top priority with tuning is safe, reliable power whether it be for performance, daily driving, or towing / hauling. We pride ourselves in creating tunes with smooth and predictable power delivery. 

Quality of fuel plays a very important role in the type of performance gains that can be achieved in tuning an EcoBoost engine. Premium (91-93) gas at the pumps will yield higher horsepower and torque gains than regular and mid-grades (87-89). The higher grade of fuel ran allows us to custom tune for more spark advance and boost pressure, which translates to more power.

Types of Brew City Boost Tuning

Adaptive tunes – Simplicity, versatility, and value!

Highlander and MacGyver. The most versatile tunes on the market. For those who want a simple “set it and forget it” tune, our adaptive tune bundle is the way to go! Think of this bundle as the Swiss Army knife of tunes.

Designed to self-adjust for pump gas ranging from 87 to 93 octane, without the need to flash a different tune. These tunes are a must on road trips when you never quite know what kind (or quality) of fuel is going to be at the pump. They are also nice if different people might be filling up the tank, and just easier in general if you run different grades of fuel.

  • Highlander – Adaptive all-around performance tune for everyday use. Engine responsiveness and power is increased, transmission shift points and pressure are optimized for performance, while retaining everyday drivability.
  • MacGyver – Adaptive towing tune – Engine power is increased while providing a margin for a wide range of potential towing loads. Transmission shift points, shift pressure and torque converter slip are optimized for towing.

All of our adaptive tunes have enough headroom engineered into them to accommodate small bolt-ons like aftermarket intakes, exhausts, and factory location intercoolers. 

Custom tunes – get the most from your truck

Our custom performance tunes are designed for peak performance. Engine responsiveness and power is increased, and transmission shift points and pressure are optimized for performance, while retaining everyday drivability. With our custom tuning we make each tune specific to your goals for the vehicle, modifications, the specific fuel you run, altitude, etc. Through data log analysis we can monitor how the vehicle is responding, which allows us to make any tweaks to completely optimize your tune through tune revisions. 

The revision process with our custom datalogged tunes includes three revisions over 6 months. Additional revisions can be purchased after 6 months if desired.

Spark Plugs – do I really need new ones? Proper spark plug gap and heat range is crucial to achieving optimal performance in any turbocharged engine. Improper gap on spark plugs can diminish power, cause rough idling and misfires. We do offer pre-gapped spark plugs at the proper heat for most Ecoboost engines. Spark plugs should be changed approximately every 20k miles on a tuned Ecoboost engine, mileage will vary based on driving habits / towing. We’ve found that a gap of 0.028” performs best on the tuned Ecoboost engines.

Auto Stop / Start. Many of the newer F150s will automatically shut the engine off when the truck comes to a stop. Since this annoys most owners we turn off this feature by default. You can opt to retain this feature.

Tune File Delivery. Please note on the BDX our default method for transferring tune files is through Derive’s Cloud. BCB does not manage the cloud, nor can we troubleshoot any cloud related issue. You will need to contact SCT or Bullydog tech support for any cloud related issues. All X4 and Livewire tunes will be emailed.

As an alternative to the cloud BCB can email tune files to you. You WILL need a Windows computer. You will need SCT Device Updater to transfer the tunes (.CEF) and Live Link Gen II for your configuration file (.CF4)

Tune Options

Aftermarket turbos – Upgrading your turbochargers are a great way to make additional power.  Tuning will need to be adjusted to properly get control of those new turbos.

Fuel System Upgrades – in many cases depending on your year / model, fuel system upgrades are required to support aftermarket turbos or running high mixes of ethanol or straight e85. Specific tuning changes are required for fuel system upgrades

Methanol Injection – The addition of Methanol Injection will require specific changes to your custom tune to take full advantage. Methanol Injection, or Meth, is sprayed directly into the intake charge air either in front of or directly behind the throttle body. When Meth is being sprayed it will substantially lower your intake charge air temperature as well as raise the effective octane of the fuel you are running. It’s a great power adder and can also be used as supplemental fuel if your current fuel system is marginal.

E85 / ethanol blends. Running an ethanol mixed fuel is an inexpensive way to increase the octane rating of your fuel. Typical Ethanol blends are E30 and E50, this means the resulting mixed fuel consists of 70% gasoline and 30% Ethanol for E30 and 50% gasoline to 50% Ethanol for E50. When doing an Ethanol blend tune you mix E85 and Premium pump gas (91 or 93) to achieve your desired blend. You must have a custom tune designed specifically for this fuel as the factory tune cannot handle above 20% Ethanol.

The percentage of ethanol a stock F150 can support will vary by production year, or if the truck has an upgraded fuel system. If you live in a colder climate an ethanol mixed custom tune may not be advised to run in the winter. Typical ethanol mixed tune limits for stock fueling systems are:

  • 2011-2016 3.5L F150 – E30
  • 2017+ 3.5 F150 – E50
  • 2015-2017 2.7L F150 – E30
  • 2018+ 2.7L F150 – up to 100% E85

Our website provides an awesome calculator for estimating ethanol mixtures for custom tuning. If you are unsure of which ethanol blended custom tune to select, please call us for a consultation. Ethanol Calculator

When running ethanol blended tunes you need to monitor the concentration (as actual ethanol percentages will vary with seasons / sources). The ideal way to measure would be this kit. Perfect for making sure you have the right content for your custom tunes
Ethanol Content Gauge


Dyno Results:

Intercoolers. Upgraded intercoolers are important if you are serious about making the most power. After a tune the next part that should be upgraded would be your factory intercooler. See our wikiboost page for more information on why an intercooler should be upgraded before you consider things like cold-air intakes and catback exhausts.

Strategy. This is an abbreviation of the software version. To locate your truck’s strategy code plug your tuning device into the OBD2 port with the key on. Navigate to “VEHICLE INFO”, and it should be shown as either ECU STRATEGY or ECM STRATEGY. It will be a 7 character alphanumeric code.

Serial Number. The serial number of your tuning device. Can be found on the original box, printed on the sticker on the back of the device, or in the device’s menu under “DEVICE INFO”.

Mods. Please list any performance related modifications such as intercooler, intakes, exhaust, fuel system and turbo upgrades.  

Octane for Custom Tunes. Please tell us what octane fuel you will be running on your selected custom tune(s). Custom tunes will always yield the best performance when using premium pump gas or an Ethanol blend. For any pump gas tune keep in mind that EcoBoost engines run better when using gasoline that contains 10-20% Ethanol. Ethanol free gas just doesn’t make the power that the same octane gas with 10-20% Ethanol in it will.


Have questions about your Ecoboost? We have a lot of the answers to stuff people ask us about every day here.

Check out some of the guides we’ve made regarding tuning, datalogging, and tuning devices here.


*Our products are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution-controlled motor vehicles.

*Brew City Boost will not alter any emissions monitoring systems (including O2 sensors) via tuning.

*Our tuning is not compatible with other plug in tuning devices like BoostMAX, PedalMAX, Scorcher Module, or similar.  Likewise, manual boost controllers are not compatible. Notify us of any and all modifications prior to tuning.


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