CRP Upgraded Turbos 2.7 F150 


CR Performance Engineering’s upgraded turbos is hottest new upgrade for the for the 2015+ 2.7L Ecoboost F150s. The stock housings are machined out to accept larger compressor wheels to accommodate for higher are flow. These turbos are a bolt-in, direct fit replacement for stock turbos.

BCB has measured rear wheel power at 420HP / 450ft-lbs with a custom BCB 93 tune on the stage 3 turbos on a 2018 2.7L F150. (custom tuning required for these turbos to run correctly)


CRPerformance Upgraded Turbos 2.7L F150 Details:

Stage 2 (40.5mm Inducer / 56 mm Exducer Upgrade, 52 trim)

Stage 3 (41mm Inducer / 51mm Exducer Upgrade, with a 65 trim)

Stage 4 (43mm Inducer/56mm Exducer)



Custom tuning can be ordered here


Increased flow with standard gasoline use surge margin

Great spool time for performance applications

Built to order, we purchase a brand new Ford OEM set of Cores and machine them

High Performance CR Billet Compressor Wheel

In house machined and fully balanced


Stock 2.7 Turbo


Stage 3 Upgraded Turbo

Further Information

These turbo kits are built to order, so please keep in mind there may be a 1-4 week (approximate) lead time.


Shipping Variations and Core

If you are receiving a brand new set of upgraded turbos, $525 core refund (refund issued by Brew City Boost).


In some cases due to inventory we may ship these parts directly from the manufacturer in Canada. The customer is responsible for any customs and/or duty fees associated with receiving merchandise from Canada.


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