Brew City Boost is proud to present the ultimate ECU Upgrade for your Saab.

Through years of tuning refinement and testing we have come up with the most potent ECU Upgrades on the market. Our extensive research and development provides you with a powerful ECU Upgrade with no loss of driveability or reliability. Expect huge increases in low-end torque, improved throttle response and a smoother, more powerful top end.


On the fence about getting the ECU Upgrade? Check out what people our customers think about them on our testimonials page.


We STRONGLY RECOMMEND running a fresh set of plugs on every tuned Saab. We advise our tuned customers to run the NGK plugs gaped to 0.9mm-1.0mm. They are a heat range colder than stock, compatible with the on-board knock detection system, and much cheaper than iridium plugs, they can be ordered here.

Our V6 tuning is done by handheld tuning only. Due to the security features built into these cars it’s not possible for us to simply send out a “plug and play” tuned ECU core.






Performance Specs for the B284L (250-255hp) and B284R (275hp) engines. Note that both are the same engines, Saab de-tuned the B284L. After a BCB tune either engine will produce:  

Stage 1 290HP and 295ftlbs Torque

  • +40hp
  • +35ftlbs torque
  • Hardware Modifications:  No modifications required, ECU Upgrade only

Stage 2 300HP and 335ftlbs Torque

  • +50hp
  • +75ftlbs torque
  • Hardware Modifications:  Intake upgrade

Stage 3 330HP and 415ftlbs Torque

  • +70hp
  • +155ftlbs torque
  • Hardware Modification: Intake and 3″ Downpipes.  Upgraded Catback also recommended for best results.


Wheel HP / Torque

Typical processing times for creating tune files is 3-4 business days.


This tuning product is not compatible with manual boost controllers. Notify us of all modifications prior to tuning.


By manufacturer design, the handheld tuner will lock itself to one vehicle while that vehicle is tuned. To use it on a second vehicle the first vehicle must be returned to the stock tune. Also another tune must be ordered for the second vehicle.


*Brew City Boost will not alter emissions monitoring systems (O2 sensors) via tuning