The BDX window mount has a heavy duty suction cup base that securely adheres to windshield glass. On the other end the BDX Mount has 4 ultra-strong neodymium magnets ensure your BDX  stays front-and-center, no matter what terrain you’re on. This kit also includes a 90° HDMI elbow to hide that huge molded connector! This is a must have for anyone who wants to have their BDX mounted in the vehicle for viewing live gauges.

BDX Window Mount Details

Safe and Secure. Safely secure your BDX Tuner mount to your windshield with a genuine SCT Windshield Mount. This heavy duty Mount uses an industrial strength suction cup to adhere to the windshield glass, while 4 ultra-strong neodymium magnets ensure your Tuner stays securely front-and-center, no matter the road surface. SCT even includes a 90° HDMI elbow to eliminate potential strain on your device’s port.

Monitor Critical Systems. This Windshield Mount is ideal for those drivers who like to use the “Real Time Gauges” and live “Data Logging” features of their BDX Tuner. This Mount allows you to place your BDX Tuner where you can be seen, without blocking your view of the road.



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