Brew City Boost is proud to present the ultimate custom tuning for your EcoBoost. By re-calibrating your vehicle’s computer for Maximum Horsepower & Torque, Increased Throttle Response, Firmer Shifts and even Increased Fuel Mileage.


This product is a custom tune file for a Cobb Accessport (purchased separately). With this purchase you will be eligible for tune revisions for as long as you own your car. Qualifying revisions would be for the same turbo / fuel system / fuel type at the original purchased tune(s). If you change your turbo, fuel system, or fuel type a new tune would be needed.  Lifetime tunes (unlimited revisions) are also available for purchase. 


About Tuning Slots: Up to 4 additional map slots are available to use on an Accessport. These map slots can be used for tune variations such as 91 octane fuel, 93 octane fuel, e30 fuel, 100+ octane race gas, and methanol injection applications. Select any additional maps you would like.

About fuel types: Fuel grade plays a very important role in the type of gains that can be achieved in tuning an EcoBoost engine. Lower grades of fuel such as 87 or 89 octane are more prone to pre-ignition, while higher grades such as 93 octane are less prone to pre-ignition. The higher grade of fuel run allows us to tune for more spark advance and boost, which translates to more power. Running an ethanol mixed fuel is an inexpensive way to increase the octane rating of your fuel. 100+ octane fuels are typically used only on race tracks.

About Tuning for Upgraded Turbos: An upgraded turbo is a great way to increase the power output of your engine. Typically tuning a big turbo is a bit more involved compared to a stock turbo. If you’ve upgraded your turbo let us know the specifics and we can optimize the tune for that specific model.

About Tuning for Upgraded Fueling Systems: If your vehicle has an upgraded turbo or is running on higher concentrations of ethanol an upgraded fuel system may be needed. If you’ve upgraded your fueling system let us know the specifics and we can optimize the tune for that setup.

About Spark Plugs: Spark plug gap on tuned EcoBoosts should be set at 0.028″.


This tuning product is not compatible with other plug in tuning devices like BoostMAX, PedalMAX, Scorcher Module, or similar.  Likewise, manual boost controllers are not compatible. Notify us of any and all modifications prior to tuning.


*This product is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles

*Brew City Boost will not alter emissions monitoring systems (O2 sensors) via tuning.

*Lifetime tunes cannot be transferred to another vehicle or to another owner of the vehicle.

*Tuning slots for Raptors works a little differently, separate tunes are necessary for other octane tunes.