CR Performance Full Bore Performance Exhaust Manifolds for the 2013-2016 Ford F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L – IN STOCK!!

  • High performance larger runners provide 45% more flow over stock with no restriction throughout the RPM range
  • Ready to support over 650 HP of flow
  • Dyno proven quicker spool times
  • Removes restriction of front cylinders as seen on stock manifolds, equalizing cylinder pressures
  • Port matched to turbocharger turbine housing (Unlike OEM Manifolds)
  • Thick wall durable High Sil Steel resists warping without cracking
  • Dyno proven gains on completely stock truck of 12 RWHP 18 RW ft-lbs with massive area under the curve
  • 340 RWHP & 387 ft-lbs with Box SCT Tuner on DYNO-mite Eddy Current Dyno, Stock 2014 F-150 with SCT Tuner
  • Users can expect exponential further gains when matched with other performance products pushing flow past the stock manifold abilities or in combination with custom Brew City Boost tuning
  • Users can expect 1-2 MPG fuel savings with improved manifold port geometry
  • Proudly Designed, Cast and Machined 100% in North America


Included In The Kit:   

  • 1 x    Performance Drivers Side Manifold
  • 1 x    Performance Passenger Side Manifold
  • 16 x  W712244-S300 – Manifold Stud F150 3.5L
  • 16 x  W701706-S440 – Grade 10 Locking Manifold Nut
  • 1 x    Install Manual


OEM Gaskets & Hardware Required:

  • 1x BL3Z-9448-C 2011+ DS F150 3.5L Manifold Gasket (L / DS)
  • 1x DK4Z-9448-A 2011+ PS F150 3.5L Manifold Gasket (R / PS)
  • 2x BL3Z-6N652-B 2011+ F150 3.5L Turbo Oil Drain Gasket
  • 2x BL3Z-9450-A 2011+ F150 3.5L DownPipe Gasket (Not required unless separated)
  • 6x W715673-S900 2011+ Turbo Mounting Bolt F150 3.5L
  • 4x W716667-S900 2011+ Downpipe Stud F150 3.5L (Recommended)
  • 4x W520514-S440 2011+ Downpipe Nut F150 3.5L
  • 4x BC3Z-6A968-C 2011+ Ford Jiffy-Tite Coolant Fitting (Highly Recommended)





This product drop-ships from Canada, so delivery may take a few days longer due to customs processing. Any customs fees are the sole responsibility of the end customer.