CR Performance Engineering’s upgraded turbo rebuild kit is a simple way to get more from your stock turbos.

Modern Extended Tip Technology – Increasing capable boost pressures and increasing surge margin, therefore reducing surge. Provides typically in the range of 4-8 lb boost increase.

High Flow Design – Slim hub/nose design and advanced blade design provides a higher flow at compressor choke and through the entire operating range. Higher blade heights give proven higher performance.

Fast Spool Times – Weighing in at 22.5 grams these compressor wheels are ready to spool fast.

Stock Housing Fitment – No compressor housing modifications required.

Higher Performance Modern Design – Out performs stock with a larger extended tip exducer and higher blade height over stock.

Fits 2011-2012 F-150 F150 3.5L

Turbo Model: FoMoCo CL3E-6C879-AA & CL3E-6K682-AA ( BL3E 96438 VA & BL3E 96438 UA )

Blades: 6+6 (1x Forward Rotation 1x Reverse Rotation)

Inducer: 35.5mm

Exducer: Base 46mm Extended Tip 49.15mm

Blade Height: 20.26mm

Bore: 4.61mm Thr

This kit comes with a set of both Left Side and Right Side Fully Balanced Assemblies and Upgrade Billet Wheels along with all the rebuild components shown. All internal hardware needed for a full rebuild is included.

No need to get these balanced as they are fully balanced and marked prior to shipping. Just install and torque / aligning the marks. (Balance Reports are available upon request, please just inquire immediately after payment.)

Due to the fragile nature of these parts, these kits are non-returnable. 

In some cases due to inventory we may ship these parts directly from the manufacturer in Canada. The customer is responsible for any customs and/or duty fees associated with receiving merchandise from Canada.