CR Performance Full Bore Performance Exhaust Manifolds for the 2011-2012 Ford F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L


Leaking manifolds are becoming a more common issue for the 3.5s unfortunately. Typically they leak on the cylinders closest to the turbos due to the fact that there is one less stud on that end. The CRP manifolds are designed with a larger, thicker casting. If you are replacing your manifolds due to a leak, it makes a lot more sense to use these manifolds due to them being less prone to warping. 

  • High performance larger runners provide 45% more flow over stock with no restriction throughout the RPM range
  • Ready to support over 650 HP of flow
  • Dyno proven quicker spool times
  • Removes restriction of front cylinders as seen on stock manifolds, equalizing cylinder pressures
  • Port matched to turbocharger turbine housing (Unlike OEM Manifolds)
  • Thick wall durable High Sil Steel resists warping without cracking
  • Dyno proven gains on completely stock truck of 12 RWHP 18 RW ft-lbs with massive area under the curve
  • 340 RWHP & 387 ft-lbs with Box SCT Tuner on DYNO-mite Eddy Current Dyno, Stock 2014 F-150 with SCT Tuner
  • Users can expect exponential further gains when matched with other performance products pushing flow past the stock manifold abilities or in combination with custom Brew City Boost tuning
  • Users can expect 1-2 MPG fuel savings with improved manifold port geometry
  • Proudly Designed, Cast and Machined 100% in North America


Included In The Kit:   

  • 1 x    Performance Drivers Side Manifold
  • 1 x    Performance Passenger Side Manifold
  • 16 x  W712244-S300 – Manifold Stud F150 3.5L
  • 16 x  W701706-S440 – Grade 10 Locking Manifold Nut
  • 1 x    Install Manual


OEM Gaskets & Hardware Required:

  • 1x BL3Z-9448-C 2011+ DS F150 3.5L Manifold Gasket (L / DS)
  • 1x DK4Z-9448-A 2011+ PS F150 3.5L Manifold Gasket (R / PS)
  • 2x BL3Z-6N652-B 2011+ F150 3.5L Turbo Oil Drain Gasket
  • 2x BL3Z-9450-A 2011+ F150 3.5L DownPipe Gasket (Not required unless separated)
  • 6x W715673-S900 2011+ Turbo Mounting Bolt F150 3.5L
  • 4x W716667-S900 2011+ Downpipe Stud F150 3.5L (Recommended)
  • 4x W520514-S440 2011+ Downpipe Nut F150 3.5L
  • 4x BC3Z-6A968-C 2011+ Ford Jiffy-Tite Coolant Fitting (Highly Recommended)





This product drop-ships from Canada, so delivery may take a few days longer due to customs processing. Any customs fees are the sole responsibility of the end customer.