Stage 3 tune was well worth the money. I went with the handheld which holds 3 tunes- very easy to use and a huge power increase over stock- Staff was very helpful and answered all of my questions quickly. Thanks for the great product/service

Woww!, very i am so happy with this tune, it feels like a new car. lots of power in the higher rpm ranges and great gas mileage. communication was fast and informative. cant wait to go for stage 3

Casey did a great job on the tune. Stage 3 makes this car an absolute monster and I couldn't be happier. He's definitely proven himself in the T8 tuning game and it was a pleasure working with him and his awesome customer service. Glad to represent Brew City Boost.

Definitely a must have tune for your Saab. Not only the power and torque are impressive, but the overall drivability is seriously improved too.

The grin on my face each time I take my car for a drive is saying it all.

Super easy to install, great and fast customer service and a nice price. Money well spent for Saab gearheads.

Wow. What an awesome tune. Swapped the ECU in with the recommended spark plugs and it performs faultlessly.

My poor tyres now get punished around town and the Aero just seems to have unlimited power on the highway.

Mind you, you can still drive it sensibly around town if you wanted too. Its that well sorted!

All in all Im very happy with the BCB tune. The guys have been really helpful and the value for money is ridiculously good!

As soon as I turned the key, I knew I was in for something really special. Power throughout the RPM range, but what I really love is just how responsive it is. I would never call the car sluggish before, but now, it just begs to be driven. Complete transformation of the car, and that is in no way an exaggeration. If you're thinking about getting it, you will not be disappointed. Hell, if you AREN"T thinking about getting it, you really still should!!

Great service with even greater results. Hands down the BEST money I have ever invested in a car.