Who We Are

Tuners At Heart

We're the type who see a stock vehicle as an empty canvas. We've always felt the thrill is in finding where we can squeeze the extra performance from. The passion for cars started at a young age, and continues to fuel us today.


our history

2010 -

Things started by simply helping friends tune their cars. Soon fellow forum members started reaching out to us for help. The word spread fast as we became involved in more people's builds. As the list of builds grew longer we realized that we may have an opportunity to make a few extra bucks doing this...you know, money we use to buy more parts for our cars!


Brew City Boost LLC was formed! Officially tuning T5, T7, and T8 Saabs. We teamed up with Krona Performance to develop the finest quality Saab exhausts in the market.


Handheld tuners, 9-3 exhaust,...

2015 -

Tuning EcoBoost engines. Developed new Krona Exhaust for EcoBoost Mustang.

2017 -

Here to help you get the performance you need at a great price and answer any questions you might have along the way.


meet our team

  • Casey Richmond

    Duties: Tuning, Parts, Cust Service, complaining Cars: Saab 9-3 Viggen, 2018…

  • Kelly Chapin

    The man behind the books, website, and business strategy. I spend…

our advantages

We approach tuning a little different than the rest. We see a lot of other tuners advertise some pretty optimistic dyno results. Numbers that are the result of a quick spike in power, but the power falls off fast. The numbers look great if you only read the peak results but once you get the car on the street you’ll quickly realize how narrow the power band is. We specifically design our tunes to keep the power going strong throughout the RPM range which translates to real acceleration improvements while maintaining drivability.
We are car guys too, and we understand how things add up with a build. That’s why we’ve always offered affordable parts to meet your performance goals. 
Customer support means something to us. Ask around, we’ve earned our reputation for supporting our customers. Have a question or need some help, just ask!