Who We Are

In 2013 Brew City Boost started as a small scale side business providing tuning and high-performance parts online. By delivering quality products the business grew quick, and before we knew it we had to leave our perfectly good engineering jobs to devote our full attention to BCB. After that, we spent a good 2 years looking for the right shop to allow us to develop new products, expand our offerings, and grow the business. In the summer of 2018 we found the ideal shop and made yet another leap. We now offer a full range of high-performance vehicle services as well as e-commerce sales.

“As we moved into our new shop in 2018 things really started moving fast. I look around and see us all working on multiple projects as a team, getting shit done! The energy is great, everyone is working on projects that both interests them and they are good at. I see so many common chords in all of us; we are all self-motivated, do-it-yourselfers, that take pride in the quality of our work, and are of course all die-hard car guys.” Kelly Chapin – Grand Poobah




Meet Our Team

el presidente


• Product development

• Telemarketer deflector

Grand Poobah


• Managing and developing the business

• Website

• E-commerce sales

aka “The Mustang Whisperer” 


• Main Mechanic

• Engine builder

The Kid


• Order fulfillment

• Website construction

Bob Stoeger
Bob the Builder


• Custom Design and Fabrication

Our Advantages



Stage 3 tune was well worth the money. I went with the handheld which holds 3 tunes- very easy to use and a huge power increase over stock- Staff was very helpful and answered all of my questions quickly. Thanks for the great product/service.


Woww!, I am so happy with this tune, it feels like a new car. Lots of power in the higher rpm ranges and great gas mileage. Communication was fast and informative. Can’t wait to go for stage 3.