You’re here because you’re passionate about driving and are looking for new ways to enjoy your vehicle. It might be increased horsepower, more responsive handling or stepping up your intake and exhaust. This is exactly what we do at Brew City Boost and do very well.

Whether you’re new to vehicle upgrades or an experienced tuner, Brew City Boost is consistently relied upon for their expertise and street proven product offerings. Vehicles all over the world run with confidence on the products and tuning packages we offer.

Yes, dynos prove mechanical results but the true story is told, everyday, by our customers. You’ll see and hear them noting outstanding levels of customer service, a company excited to share its knowledge and when comparing us to our competition, their dollar returns more value at Brew City Boost than anywhere else. Read customer testimonials and watch their videos here.

Of course we’re ready for questions as you move towards your new investment. That’s where it all begins. Send us a brief email using the contact information below. You can also request an appointment with us for live, in person, tuning of your vehicle. We do get a lot of contact with our customers so please understand that it may take a couple of days for us to return your email.

BCB is just outside of the Brew City, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Brew City Boost, LLC

3045 Beechwood Industrial Ct

Hubertus, WI 53033